18 October 2010

8. thoughts

“If you hear a voice within you saying,
You are not a painter,
then by all
means paint and
that voice
will be silenced.”
-Vincent Van Gogh
today's challenge was to pay attention to if our thoughts were positive or negative. building us up or tearing us down. today was a horrible day for me and i was thinking it was ironic that on a day where i had many many negative thoughts about myself that this would be the challenge. but then i got to thinking. my day had turned right side up. life that was previously stormy became sunny. and what i had done? only thought negative thoughts. then i realized. God loves us, even when we don't love ourselves! how can i be ungrateful when i really am blessed so much? even if my day hadn't turned out so great, would i really be off so badly? i may not know how to do physics perfectly. but the things i do know- Christ is our Savior, the Book of Mormon is true, God loves us, this church is true- will take me the farthest. i am grateful for the beauty i am able to find as i turn my life over to Christ and His will for me.

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