01 October 2010

breakfast of champions

it's time for a little accountability

healthy food and exercise?

gross. please give me some moose tracks ice cream and a chick flick.

i decided that i need to be more healthy, but sometimes it's not fun. or is it? can healthy food be yummy? is exercising fun?

running is my exercise of choice. the hardest part is getting out the door. this week i went running with my roommate Amanda. EPIC. i really loved it! i forget how much i love running! i'm looking forward to future awesome runs with A Garlock. (i also pushed myself really hard in weight lifting and am sore, but stronger and more attractive.)

i am an ice cream addict. my roommate even cut out all the Sammy's coupons for me because she knows how much i love it. i think i need to go to ICAA (ice cream addicts anonymous). recently i discovered an amazing food that satisfies my ice cream craving while keeping me healthy- yogurt.
and last night i rode a razor scooter to my new favorite place- earthfruits yogurt. i could eat there every day! their yogurt is all fruit (even the chocolate) and they have tons of really healthy toppings- fruit, nuts, granola, kashi. ahhhh it's heaven. if one day i randomly disappear, you can probably find me at the corner of university and bulldog, eating some earthfruits yogurt.

i am a firm believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. (my family laughs because i never ate breakfast in high school.) breakfast needs to be balanced- fiber, dairy, and sugar- to give you energy throughout the day. cold cereal is good- but it's gotta be the good stuff (none of that sugary, cavity yielding junk- although i secretly love it). this fall, however, i'm digging parfait. yes- vanilla yogurt, your fruit of choice (whatever is in season or some frozen stuff!), and grape nuts (or granola). delightful! you feel energy throughout the morning, and you don't feel like you just ate a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast. waaaay better than those nasty weight loss drinks, because this is real food.

a strawberry parfait is my breakfast of the champions. what is yours?

did i mention? only 14 days! (i.e. 2 weeks)

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  1. haha..YES. Running with you is BOSS.
    also, the besssst.

    6:53am is our new BFF.