04 October 2010

its the final countdown

i made this countdown chain last week. isn't it great?

on another note, i have decided to take a break from writing about relationships on this blog. especially mine. this isn't because i don't like you dear people who read my blog and occasionally comment on it. i simply feel that if i do get into a relationship in the near future, i don't want to feel like i have to explain everything that happens in it to the whole world. i want this to be a "no pressure" situation for both people involved. so i will continue posting about school, running, family, the gospel, etc. just don't expect juicy details about my life to be posted here or on facebook. i hope ya'll understand!
i guess it's slightly ironic that i'm telling you this in a post that obviously has to do with relationships. but note: this will be the last of these posts- no matter how excited i am. if you really care and really do want to know about my love life you should know how to get a hold of me through methods other than the internet.

have a marvelous monday!


  1. Good for you, that's very mature. You're starting off your relationship with Nate on the right foot Beka! I hope for the best!

  2. I think this is a smart decision. Although I love to hear what's going on in your life. Also, I don't think I have any other way to get a hold of you other than the internet. But I really do care!

    I do just have to say that I think Nate is one of the greater people I've met. I'm kind of sad that I didn't stay close friends with him but he played a big part in my life at one time. I respect him a lot.

    I wish you both the absolute best with whatever happens!

  3. HOLY COW! This is so exciting. YAY YAY YAY :) :) :)