06 October 2010

who am i?

setbacks are merely things to make us stronger. i did poorly on a test- one that i had spent hours and hours prepping for. i don't know for sure that i failed it, so i can't say i did. besides all i want is a B or better on the test.

but walking out of the testing center i felt like a failure. the blustery day was not angry enough to match my feelings. this is the second time i've taken this class! you'd think i'd be feeling better about this test! you'd think i wouldn't have lost a staring contest with an impossibly frustrating problem! but i did. no matter that i have done exceptionally well on all the homework, i've done well on the in class quizzes, and i have learned a lot. that was not on my mind. in the hours after my test i merely focused on all the negative emotions that i could.

sadness. frustration. anger. despair.
it's so easy to give in to doubts and fear. to feel like you aren't smart enough. aren't athletic enough. aren't pretty enough. aren't spiritual enough. whatever. i do it all the time.

and it's a horrible habit

i realized a few things today: God does not make mistakes!

What is true success? Is it making the A grade or becoming a more humble person because you have to work and give God a chance to change you?

Failure is a state of mind.

Don't ever let pessimism take away your dreams. Hold on to them.
Dreams are what reality is made of.

I may not have aced my first physics midterm. but the world is not over. I have many strengths. I don't even care if i'm good at physics. psh. i know i am a good person. and a good student. i will make my dreams come true.
small failures will not be a stumbling block, but instead a catalyst to make me work harder and become a better person!

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  1. Oh, you're darling. I was feeling the same way yesterday. I think Satan often times knows how to get us discouraged about things, and knows how to make us feel like failures at times. That's why we have to rely on God because he will always make us feel worthwhile. I love knowing this. Thanks for sharing that.:)