12 October 2010

day #2- beautiful to Him

“I testify that no one of us is less treasured or
cherished of God than another. I testify that
He loves each of usinsecurities, anxieties,
selfimage, and all. He doesn’t measure our
talents or our looks;...He cheers on every runner,
calling out that the race is against sin, not
against each other.”
-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

what does the Lord consider to be beautiful? do you think that the Lord would create anything that he did not see as "good"? if you can see the beauty of the world around you, then can you imagine that the same God who created such beauty of nature would ever just throw
something together that was not beautiful? God does not make mistakes! everything that is lovely, praiseworthy, of good report, or virtuous is of Him. so therefore as His daughters we must also fall in that category.
"happiness is the most attractive accessory a young women can have"
being happy, cheerful and optimistic adds a glow to every person's countenance. some of the most beautiful people i know are also the happiest people i know. they find the sunny side of life, and they stay there. they seek for the sunshine. they smile. i vow to smile more; to look on the sunny side of life; and become a more optimistic person.
why is it so hard for lds women to grasp the idea of "eternal" beauty? look around
us- we are inundated in a culture that has, for centuries, objectified women. we feel that in order to be appreciated by men, and women, that we have to apply gobs of make-up, wear designer clothes, wax every month, and have perfect skin- not to mention being a size 0. i think that they only way we can defy this culture is by bringing ourselves to Christ and letting Him show us how we are beautiful to Him.

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