04 November 2010

the big 1-2

'twas the night before halloween
and all through PG,
not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse

well except for the baby boy born that night- Master Benjamin Thomas Arnesen

yup, my baby brother turned twelve last weekend! i realized i talk quite a bit about spencer, but not my other little brothers who are equally wonderful. so. . .

happy birthday benners!

i am so proud of you!

do you want to hear about my totally cool brother?

he read the entire book of mormon before he turned 8
he read the entire old testament before he was 12
he is a gifted runner
he is in 8th grade level math
his hair is basically the same color as mine (automatic coolness)
he can drive a four wheeler all by himself (shh don't tell my mom)
he is an amazing pianist

yeah i could keep going, but someday ya'll will just have to meet him to find out just how much of a stud he is.

I love ya Ben!

(even though I cried when I found out you were not a little girl)

1 comment:

  1. WHAT THE whole old testament before age 12? I don't think I'VE read the whole thing? I tried for seminary but there was definitely a lot I skipped to keep up. And I don't think I finished. Your little brother is awesome.