06 November 2010

turkey lovin'

some of you may be wondering: "what's all the hype about thanksgiving? why does beka think it's so great?"

please. let me tell you.

1)pie pie pie pie- call me pieface. but i love pie. my sister hosts a "pie baking party" every year. i'm not pro, but i do love making and EATING pie! my favorite? surprisingly not pumpkin. cherry.
2)family- i love my family! thanksgiving is the funnest time. we hang out. have a turkey bowl. (yes I will be playing this year.) decorate for christmas. gingerbread houses. just hanging out.
3)BYU football vs. U of U- we will win. we will dominate.

4)black friday- shopping at 4 am isn't exactly my thing. but i do like to make my appearance and get a good deal. this year i'll probably be working at old navy on black friday (someone please save me) but i'll try to get a little shopping in.

5) cottonwood heights turkey trot- this is a new tradition. ran this 5K with grandpa, mom and hyrum last year. i hope to do it again this year. you run. beat the mayor. get a sweet shirt.
6)food- i love thanksgiving feast food. let me lay it out for you. turkey. mashed potatoes and gravy. sweet potatoes. green bean casserole. homemade rolls. cranberry sauce. olives. apple and banana salad. don't forget the pie. YUM.

7)thankful turkey- ever since i can remember we've been doing the thankful turkey. a turkey jar filled with slips of paper on which is written our gratitude for different things.

there are a plethora of reasons to be thankful for thanksgiving. what is your favorite part of this blessed day?

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  1. That pie looks delicious!! And I too love some college football but I'm afraid I have to go with the Georgia Bulldogs!!