19 November 2010


Might as well JUMP!


i'm just a little excited.

how did this occur? well, last week i applied at HELP International to be a volunteer for their Summer 2011 trip to Africa- Uganda. On Monday I interviewed with them. Then... i waited. waiting stinks. But I only had to wait until Thursday.

I got the acceptance e-mail while "working on physics" in the Clyde step down. I wanted to scream for joy and go hug the nearest person. but as we all know, most engineers are quite anti-social and would probably look at me like i was a crazy. So. I screamed on the inside while frantically texting my family. joy. rapture. miraculous!
called my grandparents (who served a mission in Nigeria about 12 years ago). they are thrilled- and jealous. i told my grandma she should just come along. seriously! they are great.

here's how it's all gonna go down. i'll be going to Mukono, Uganda in May- I think. I think I'll be there until August. I have a financial planning session on Monday where I will also pay the deposit. It's a ton of money to pay (the whole program is $2750 plus the flight). I'm scared for that. but i feel like this is what the Lord wants me to do. He will help me. and my sister. she is going to help me fund raise because she is basically pro at it. thank you sister! i have to get tons of vaccines! I read the CDC list of vaccinations i need and its huge! thank goodness i'm not scared of needles! i gotta be careful to make sure i don't get leishmania or malaria while i'm there, since there is no vaccine for those! i also have to get a passport. my first time out of the country! (sorry friends, canada doesn't count.) i need to get a flight to uganda! phew are they expensive! but i found some on the cheap side- $1800. ha. i have to get legal documents. tons of stuff.

guess i should make a check list

anyways there is THE NEWS. thanks for tuning in!
i will be in this country in approximately 5.5 months

p.s. other glorious happenings of this week:
BYU beat USU in basketball
BYU 121st ballers dominated at their game and advanced to final 2
harry potter 7 special preview showing with the best friend
great running with ALG


  1. YAY! You have no idea how excited this makes me! Africa is pretty much the most amazing place on earth and I am more than a little jealous that you're going there! CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. oh my gosh that is soooo exciting! yayayayayayay!

  3. So, you don't know me, nor I you. Random occurence of events: I went to Lugazi, Uganda this last summer with HELP International; I went to our team's blog page to find ANOTHER friend's blog, and looked at who was "following" the Lugazi Team blog, thought you were a friend of mine from the team whose name was Becca, and vwaalllaaa!!! Yeah, like I said, super random.
    A billion thoughts swarming through my head, the condensed version being: You will LOVE Uganda: the people, the work. Coming home you will be forever changed, no doubt about it. Superb choice on staying all three waves! Only about 3 girls from our team went the whole time, and it was the best decision ever. Heavenly Father really does use us His children to be His hands in these places. If you have any questions, comments, please ask! Last year I was burning to talk to someone real that had been, but I didn't know anyone that fell into that category.

    Off-topic Your blog is suuuuper cute! You are an AMAZING person, and I connected with about 73.6% of what you said in the random posts I skimmed over.