23 November 2010

love is really spelled t-i-m-e

i am going hooooome today! the trip will be fantastic- all 20 minutes of it. i am so excited (beyond all words) to spend some time and share some lovin' with these people.

(as well as those not pictured)

secret: i will be missin my bestest buddy spencer. :(

excited for:)
pie baking party!
turkey bowl
the thomas fam thanksgiving dinner
seeing my grandparents
sleeping in
pumpkin pancakes
christmas decor
thankful turkey
pixie picking
the epic football game
josh's homecoming
to see my married cousins
yogurt bliss with my favorite amberly hurst



  1. ahem. why is yogurt bliss with your favorite me not in that list? hmmm?

  2. oh boo i forgot it!!!! let me edit that quickly so that you know that i am SO EXCITED to see you!