14 November 2010

random kindness

well after one of the hardest weeks of my life, i have decided i need to reflect on the good things that have happened- especially the random kindnesses. the tender mercies. basically here's a thank you.

to the guys who saw me and debi walking up to campus saturday night and told us we looked beautiful. thank you. how could you have known that your simple words meant so much? they reminded me that i am beautiful. that kindness still exists. that boys can be very sweet.

to Becca, the girl who decided we should be friends because we were walking home from church at the same time: i am so grateful that you reached out and said hello. you have a beautiful smile. i really think i will come visit you at cox 33. i am so glad you are from mountain crest high school. i am so glad you are friendly. you reminded me that the lord is looking out for me. that he sends angels in form of strangers sometimes. that i need to reach out and look for people to lift.

to Sam: thanks for understanding me girl. you are a great therapy. i feel like we think/feel along the same lines. you are beautiful and so funny! thank you for your goodness, and your love. those boys do not know what they are missing!

this week i am going to be more faithful. more thankful. more patient. more trusting. more hopeful.

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