20 December 2010

this is the worldly side of me steppin in for a quick chat...

Christmas 2010
I guess we can say that this is a "realistic" Christmas list. What I really want.... well I don't think even Santa is that magical. Some of these are unrealistic (like the harem pants or that blazer- they were very expensive). But, hey, I figured, that if I'm dreaming, I might as well dream big. I feel like this expresses me very well. Sporty- gear for swimming, running and rugby. Fashion- bomber jacket, cardigans, harem pants, blazer, skinny pants, Toms and boots. Hobbies- photography, music, health. Favorite place- Disneyland. The mistletoe is symbolic of unrealistic wishing. Something that a really want is a letter, just for me, from my brother in Finland.

Christmas is 5 days away folks so I guess we'll see how my list does.
Christmas 2010 by rarnesen featuring sporting shoes


  1. me too! its from abercrombie and fitch!

  2. Harem pants are a NEED in Africa (not quite a must...but almost)...

  3. becky! did you get some before you went? i want some SO badly!