17 December 2010

day 1. pic and 15 facts.

1. i have matching freckles on my feet
2. i have a strange obsession with Africa- please don't ask me to explain
3. if someone tells me i can't do something, that gives me all the more reason to prove them wrong.
4. i am very good at Chutes and Ladders
5. my favorite place is Disneyland
6. at this moment i am on a chick flick fast
7. i have barbie feet (i can buy from the girls section)
8. i relish the awkward moments
9. i am an open fan of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and T Swift
10.I look like Rory from Gilmore Girls
11. I went to the 2:30 am showing of Eclipse this summer- and I'm not ashamed to say it
12. i believe that life isn't made rich by waiting for the rain to pass, but by learning to dance in the rain. i'm trying.
13. i am a certified phlebotomist
14. i still go visit my AP Chemistry teacher
15. i am the only person in my family who has perfect vision. ironically, i have fake glasses.

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