17 December 2010

i grew up here

this morning, the Provo Tabernacle burned down. To read the whole story click here. and if you want to see the emotions i am feeling go here. I can't believe it. I grew up performing and going to concerts in that building.
My older brother played a concerto there and totally messed up. Looking back now, what a memory!
One 4th of July my family rented period costumes from the Hale and dressed up for the 4th of July program there. I remember thinking this is probably how our ancestors felt when they had to go to church- very uncomfortable and hot!
I went to stake conference there last year.
I remember sitting in the balcony, for a variety of concerts, so that we could see whatever sibling who was performing better.
last spring my little brother played his piano concerto there.
i have sung there, performed classical masterpieces, prayed there, laughed there, and probably cried there.

the Provo Tabernacle was really part of my family and it breaks my heart to see this.
the roof is completely collapsed. this isn't my beloved tabernacle. this is a gutted, burning building. to say i am devastated, heart broken, or at a loss is an understatement. there are no words to describe how i feel.

lets not remember the tabernacle burning. lets remember the good times.

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