25 December 2010

day 9. something you are proud of in the last few days.

so i was thinking about what i was proud of accomplishing in the last few days. eating a lot of sweets? no. getting up an hour later than usual Christmas morning (i.e. 6:30)? not terribly. only crying twice when i talked to my brother/best friend who is on his mission? no. falling asleep successfully in a car, for the first time ever? nope.
my mind was blank. until i remembered this little gem.

have you ever seen Kid History? Jon and Randy are my heroes/role models and are probably the most famous people in Utah county right now. well, on Christmas Eve my fam-damily took the annual trip to Seven Peaks Ice Skating Rink. gettin' our skate on. we all look pretty pro now that spencer isn't here to show us how bad we really are. anyways, i am just skating along, being my usual creeper self, when i spot... it can't be! is it? YES it is Jon! I about fall over, I am so excited. After finding hyrum (my accomplice) and stalking Jon for approximately 20 minutes, we get up the guts to talk to him. then we notice that Randy is with him! joy and rapture. so we talked to them. they are cool. and we got our picture with them. we are famous!
aren't you jealous?

i am proud that i did this because sometimes i don't go out of my bubble and then i regret it. now i have this great memory. and i met some famous people :)

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  1. dude! i totally love kid history! i'm so jealous that you saw jon AND randy. "don't punch...our car...."