03 January 2011

day 18. dreams/goals/plans you have.

i feel like this is very appropriate to write about at the start of a new semester. so here goes. some of these may or may not (i.e. the dreams) be realistic.

- go to Disneyland
- go on lots of fun dates with cute guys (ha ha ha)
- play the guitar in front of an audience
- learn a t. swift song on the guitar
- make an apron
- make my hair look cute with its natural curl

- become a more charitable person
- get good grades
- run 4 or 5 times a week
- get in shape for rugby
- prepare for Uganda
- fulfill my calling
- be fearless
- go to the temple once a month

- go on a road trip (or two?)
- run a few races
- throw multiple parties at the Party Pad
- strengthen my testimony
- serve others
- make many good friends and continue old friendships
- write one of my missionary friends each week

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