18 January 2011

Headbands to HELP kids in Africa

think this knit headband is cute?
as you {hopefully} have read before on my blog, I have the terrific opportunity to travel to Uganda, Africa this summer with an organization called HELP International. I will be doing humanitarian work and helping the Ugandan people improve their life. this is my dream!!! I hope to work in a clinic in the city of Mukono, but I also want to help teach english and work in the orphanages. i have to fund raise all the money to get me over to Africa. and I need your help! my mom is knitting these cute headbands and selling them to help me pay my way. there is an assortment of colors and I think they are stinking adorable! they are $15 or $12 if you give her 2 skeins of yarn.
if you don't want a headband you can still donate! go to http://www.help-international.org/donate-now and enter my name (Rebekah Arnesen) in the comment line.
to buy a headband contact me by commenting or e-mail me at beka.arnesen08@gmail.com
remember: by helping me, you are helping some kids like these!

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  1. wow good luck with this! i went to Ghana last summer and it was an amazing experience i will never forget!