18 January 2011

morning glory

on a sunny (!) mlk jr. day- yesterday, in fact- the roommates and i ventured out on the town. to lunch and a dollar movie.

yes, we consider ourselves party animals.

we went all out. pulled out the big guns. olive garden: all you can eat- endless- bottomless soup, salad, and [please, don't forget] bread sticks. that combination completes me. i ate. creamy chicken and gnocchi soup, succulent and savory. ceasar salad, plates and plates of it. and, lest i fail to mention it, i ate 4 breadsticks. [i definitely could have devoured more, but we were anxious to catch the movie.] all this joy was given to me for a mere 9 bucks- tip included.

we next strutted over to the prestigious cinemark movies 8. [yes, we strutted despite our bulging stomachs.] because we were in a group of 3+ people we got our tickets for 75 cents each. consider my mind blown. i am offically in like with cinemark movies 8. we saw Morning Glory. i was skeptical about this show because: 1. the preview looked like it could be funny, but didn't confirm its hilarity, 2. it looked like it might be a chick flick [a no go for the chick flick fast]. my doubts we quickly assuaged by rachel mcadams and harrison ford. [yes, he is still a handsome man.] hi-larious! cassie and i were laughing our eyes out! not only was the story hilarious, but inspiring. a girl power show. you can do anything with a positive attitude, perseverance, and a little creativity. stand up to the man, and show him what you are made of. and in the mean time, make other people's lives better. and maybe fall in love. bonus features: rachel mcadams is a complete doll and i am in love with her outfits. harrison ford is hilarious and wears colorful striped socks. the soundtrack rocks. yup, i think that's it. please, indulge me- go see this film and tell me what you think.
please tell me you don't just love this ensemble?

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  1. I love Olive Garden. That exact meal, in fact. Except switch the soup to the Zuppa Toscana...
    *commence mouth-watering*