16 January 2011

see how far we've come [girl version]

once upon a time i was asked to homecoming. my date's best friend asked a girl who i slightly knew because she was on StuCo with me. in the weeks before homecoming i got to know her better and found out that she was the coolest girl ever! we were both crazy excited for our dates and so on the day of homecoming we spent the entire morning getting ready and buying last-minute jewelry. we were pretty gansta at that dance. somewhere in between making pizza and blasting How Far We've Come, we decided we'd be best friends.
so we were.

time passed. things changed. we changed. we fought. and we made up. we had to forgive each other. but we still remained friends. and, even though we are now both busy college students and rarely see each other, it is easy to catch up. because we are good friends

today, is her 21 birthday.
Happy Birthday Chann!!!
you have been an example of strength in times of trial. you have always been positive and seen the good in people when i couldn't it. you are never afraid to try new things or take risks. you taught me to be more outgoing and to "go" for things i wanted. you have always listened to me obsess about boys. you have the best sense of style. you are so beautiful and sometimes i feel inadequate next to you! you have a burning testimony and the gift to express it beautifully. you inspire people and make them want to be better children of God. you are one of my greatest friends and i am glad that 3 1/2 years later, we are still friends! love you girl!

ps. one month until my [blessed?] birthday

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  1. Can I just say that I think of that song and many hilarious memories come to mind! Holy freak I loved that