20 February 2011

birrthday celebration no. 4- Mocktail Party

this week has been insane. i had a genetics test to take on friday, and studying for that consumed my life. it was eat, sleep, and breathe genetics. hence why my birthday was so lame exciting. friday i studied all day for the test and then went to take it at 4. side note: this is a 2 credit class, but i think (and have heard) that it is really equivalent to a 7 credit class; now you understand why i was stressed. this is how i looked before i went up to take the test.

  the test took me 2.5 hours- loooong for me (i am a fast test taker by nature). so when i walked out of Satan's Abode the Testing Center at approximately 6:40 my mind was about to implode. i came home, cleaned, showered, and got everything ready for the guests. and then, they came.
the freshman roomates (plus a few)
martini cake- yum!
jus' a few cool peeps
sam and me. she is pretty cool.
channy and me. she saved my life.

Adam, Sarah, and me
they are pretty cute. nbd.
 the party was a huge success. virgin margaritas, daquiries, and pina coladas. delicious foods. a little jazz. dance party. possibly a rave. despicable me. swing dancing. sleepover with sam.

the celebration isn't over! tomorrow= family party. monday= no class. 

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