14 February 2011

birthday celebration no. 1

this week is the most Celestial day of the year- aka my birthday! I will be 21, a real adult, this year. I see no reason not to celebrate the entire week. I don't have many set plans, but I want to document this week of joy. After all, the whole world is should be celebrating!

Today, I received the best gift. It is what I secretly wanted most, but didn't ask for. I got a real letter from my little [big] brother Spencer!!!! I won't open in until my birthday on Wednesday (because it's the only gift I will be getting that day), but it is sitting on my desk, filling the room with his awesomeness.

Four other things to celebrate about today are: 1) I went to the dentist. Yup, I'm one of those weirdies who actually likes the dentist. Like is an understatement. I love the dentist! It's like a massage for your mouth. I am still a cavity virgin (21 years of life and no cavities- I feel accomplished). All the boys should want to kiss me now, cuz i have the cleanest mouth in town. Heh heh. 2) I got a new drivers license- with a picture than actually is semi-attractive. And the wait at the DLD was only about 20 minutes. Woo! I'll definitely be flashing my ID more (don't get any dirty ideas, I'm just gonna show off my cute picture any chance possible). 3) I got a Valentine from a boy- outside my family. No romantic interest. Just my super awesome cool friend Andrew who it just that- awesome. I felt bad I didn't have anything for him- it was just like 3rd grade again. and I loved it. 4) It is warm!!! I think God knew that I needed warm[er] weather for my birthday and decided to give it to me. Please bless it stays in the 50s this whole week.

Look how blessed I am! Please, don't be jealous. This week is going to be crazy what with work and my Genetics test, but hopefully I will look around and see the gifts God has given me for my birthday :)

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