15 February 2011

a day late on the day of love

this post is a day late, i know. but my Valentine's Day provided no time for romance. Besides, I was too excited about celebrating my birthday- all week long. yesterday was a nice day. i didn't feel sorry for myself, nor was i overcome with love for a special someone. it was just your normal day, except with a lot of candy and hearts included. the best/ most creative Valentine's gift that I saw all day was in the girl's bathroom of the SWKT.
"you were handcrafted by a Master who has never erred. He loves you. Smile, beautiful!"
This was the first Valentine's in. . . forever [my whole life] where I wasn't wishing for a boyfriend/fiancĂ©e/husband/lover. I know that love will me found in my life and I am so excited for that day to come. {you really don't even know}. Today I am a little bummed that there were no flowers, no fun/romantic date, no surprises. But yesterday, I was perfectly content. 

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