15 February 2011

birthday celebration no. 2


i really don't think i need to say anything else
except this- 
it was my first time and now i want to eat their grilled pineapple every day
The Group- our birthdays are all this week! Bradford, Anneli, Matt, and me

please, no more meat

oh hey Bradford

mango (not mangled) cod- delicious
quote of the night
(after the servers sang Happy Birthday to us in Portuguese)
Matt: "good shaking."
Bradford: "Thanks. I practice."
Matt: "I was actually talking to Beka, but...."
hysterical laughter

here's to birthdays, the month of february, buffets, grilled pineapple, and good company

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  1. I can't believe that this was your first time to Tucanos!! The pineapple is amazing!