17 February 2011

you too can BE THE CHANGE

i am going to Uganda on May 4th! That's less than 3 months away! I am so very excited! Here are some more details. . .

I'll be in Mbale which is about 5 hours away from Kampala (the capitol). it is going to be absolutely beautiful there. check out this picture:
there is a pediatric neurology hospital in town that [hopefully] I will be working in. 
so, here is the good news: I have the entire program ($2850) paid for! Woo! Thank you so very much to all who contributed! 
here is the bad news: I still need about $1000 to pay for my flight. but really this isn't bad news. I know all of ya'll had a New Years Resolution to do something good in the world- something that will make a difference. Well, this is your chance! There are 2 ways you can help me get the rest of the money I need to help these wonderful people.
1.Buy a headband or flower from me.

  Headbands - my mom makes these cute and stylish headbands. They come in an assortment of colors and can be made to order. They are $15 each, or $13 if you wish to provide your own yarn.
Knit Flowers-see the cute flowers on the headbands? You can buy those separately! They come in a variety of colors as well and look super cute pinned in your hair! These flowers are $4 each.

Silk Flowers- my mom is making these too! [i know, she is pretty amazing.] These are stinkin cute for special occasions. They come in many colors and can be made to order. Large flowers are $8 and small flowers are $4.

If you are interested in buying any (or all) of these please comment or e-mail me at beka(dot)arnesen08(at)gmail(dot)com. You will be happy because you got a great product and I will be happy because I will be one step closer to going to Africa!

2. If you are a boy (or a girl who doesn't like to wear cute hair things) you can still donate! Go to help-international.org  and click on donate. You can donate as little or as much as you would like- just remember to put my name (Rebekah Arnesen) and Uganda in the comment line when you donate!

I promise if you donate/ help me out you will get warm fuzzies. Isn't service just so great? You give a little money and then I'll take myself halfway around the world and make a difference! I hope you all find a way to "HELP" out. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at the above address!

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