17 February 2011

i promise the birthday celebrations did not stop yesterday. in fact yesterday was the day i turned the big 2-1. i simply have not had time to post about it. real posts [with pictures] involves a lot of work. first, i have to edit the photos (and since i documented my entire day yesterday, i have a just a few). next, i write up a witty post- which, for me, is quite an undertaking. then i have to upload photos (depending on how fast/slow my internet is, this can take a while) and arrange them on the post how i would like them. i'm still getting used to the "new" layout of post editing on blogger (i'm a little behind the time). so don't worry, i will continue to post about the worldwide week-long celebration. . . when my life is not consumed with Genetics. (side note: i am posting this now at work where I have limited time and resources to make a post cool.) 

what can you look forward to hearing about?
my birthday- February 16, 2011
the Peter Pan dance (yeah that was last weekend)
thursday february 17
my Mocktail Party
. . . and probably other important events

while you are waiting (since I know you are all on the edge of your seats to find out what I am doing in my life) feast your eyes on this medical miracle or donate some money to a good cause (put my name- Rebekah Arnesen- and Uganda in the comment line).

did you also notice how plain my blog is at the moment??? you are about to see the biggest blog makeover of my blogging career. i have been planning this since January and now i'm finally getting around to it. so, bear with me as i make this blog more "me". possible new name, new background, pages (About Me, Beliefs, etc.), and other wonders! could i ask for your help in one thing? i loooove getting comments- seriously if you have one coherent thought whilst reading a post on my blog send it my way! ya'll are the best.

no seriously. you are.

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  1. okay, can i just tell you i LOVE comments too? good thing you just made my day with your comment on my blog :)