02 February 2011

dear february,

really? really?! remember how i hate the cold? and remember how this is the glorious month of my birth? yes, in fact the most celestial day of the year is this month. the 16th. can we just cut out the cold? february= fun february or fantastic february. not frigid february. or freezing february.
i just have a short list of things i would like for february 2011 to bring. so please, humor me. or i might get mad.

* i would love warm weather. and i don't mean when 12 degrees is "warm" because this morning is was 3 degrees. i'm talking 'bout some real warmth. say 40 degrees. or higher.

* no more snow. [now before all you snow lovers/skiers/snowboarders/ cold- enthusiasts get mad let me explain] it can snow it the mountains, but not down here. i don't want to have to constantly worry about falling on my butt when i'm in a hurry to get to class. i don't want to have to wear boots every day because if i don't my feet will get wet.

* the best birthday ever. or at least thus far in my life. honestly this isn't much to ask. all i want is to feel loved on my birthday. [unlikely that my birthday will be anything but unfabulous because it falls on a Wednesday which is the busiest day of my week in which i have class until 9pm.] but perhaps a surprise or two would be nice.

*magic. yeah yeah this is the month of love, but that's not what i'm searching for. sometimes the thing you are searching for most eludes you, not because it can't be found, but because you aren't looking in the right place. or the timing is wrong. so the kind of magic i want is just that- magic. like the magic that makes Peter Pan fly. or the magic that children feel on Christmas morning. just some plain old fashioned magic. sorry this is a very broad request, but i feel like you can fill my needs.

*a road trip. pretty please? to somewhere warm preferably. since dland fell through [i may or may not have cried over that loss] i am open to suggestions. palm trees are a must. here are some options [and the cheaper the better, so if you live in a warm place and would like a friend to come for the weekend, let me know]- las vegas. arizona (never been, but i hear it's warm). california. st. geezy.

*lots and lots of fun. i'm pretty sure this is inevtiable. i'm just such a cool person. ha.

alright. that's it. thank you mucho mucho.



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