10 February 2011

deja vu to 3rd grade

i sat at my desk, watching 30 elementary school children ransacked the gift shop. i turned around in my twirly chair, and saw 70 more of the goblins inquisitive kids running around- looking at the black widow ("is it alive??" tap tap tap), exclaiming over the elephant, doing scavenger hunts ("don't do the expert one"). suddenly i realized. . . hey, i think i've been here before. yes folks, once upon a time i was an impressionable, shy, but maybe annoying and inquisitive elementary school student. i watched the little kiddies and wondered what they would be like when they were [almost] 21. as an adult will they be the same? i hope that in some ways they will be. ha in so many others, i hope they grow up. but don't forget about elementary school. those are gems you should treasure.

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