08 February 2011

3 on the 8th

on this, the 8th day of february, and in the year 1990, 3 amazing people were born. these people would each play huge roles in my life.

1. Naomi Olson- we have been best friends since we were 4. and we were inseparable. well, except for the fact that we lived in different countries. but when we were together, people mistook us for twins. we talked the same, were the same height, same hair color. nbd. when we were 8 we drove quads (aka four wheelers) around del bonita- terrorizing the "old people." naomi counted my mosquito bites (just on my face) when the albertan insects decided american blood was the only way to go. and she never laughed at how ridiculous i looked. we wrote each other every two weeks. naomi was probably better at it than me. in fact, i know she was. when we were 14 we liked the same boy, and then decided that naomi would marry him first, then die (morbid now that i think of it), so i could marry him. we were obsessed with MASCH. we got matched "Eh?" shirts and wore them to the barn dance. at 16, naomi convinced me to come up and go to EFY with her. best. week. ever. naomi was such an example (and still is) of having a testimony and being charitable to all. i am so grateful that i got to learn from her for that week! at 17 i began to think i was too cool for naomi, but she was always there for me. i will forever regret being impatient with her because i thought my high school friends were better than her. at 18, we came to BYU. for the next two years we tried to stay in touch. we did an ok job. i hate that college made me busy and we couldn't hang out. i wish that i had been her roommate for at least 1 semester. in 2011 naomi transferred to SVU and got engaged to the most wonderful guy named Rob Burton. I am so thrilled for my best friend forever to get married!!! although i'm a bit sad i will be in africa :( I love you girl!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY (eh)!
naomi and me at a hockey game last january

2. Heather Morgan Stephenson- I "met" heather over facebook- because we were going to be roommates freshman year. the year of 2008-2009, in E richards 2110 built some of the best friendships i have ever had! Heather is spunky, happy, loves to laugh, blond (sometimes). but at the same time she has a very deep testimony, she has a great love for those around her, she is very clean (a plus for someone like me who is ocd), and she is always serving. heather is the roommate that wants to get woken up after you get back from the date with the cute boy, so you can tell her all the details. she is the roommate who gives the best boy advice. she is the roommate who has the "cool" house where you always want to go hang out. she is the roommate who is always willing to walk down to the creamery with you, because you don't want to go alone. she is the roommate who will get locked out with you and get in powdered sugar fights with you. yeah, you guessed it. heather is pretty much awesomespice. now she is married to a great guy named Jed Stephenson. The who crew went out tonight and got sushi at The Happy Sumo. delicious. pictures to follow. until then- HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER! (and sweet sushi dreams) p.s. heather is an amazing cook and makes the coolest cupcakes. check them out here.
possibly one of my favorites of me and heather- after powdered sugar wars. we look older now don't worry.

3. Tanner Wilson- we became friends my freshman year of college, even though we only lived like .5 miles from each other our whole lives. he is an amazing artist and photographer. the kind that makes you stop and think. he is super easy to talk to- not only does he listen, but he makes you laugh too. he came tunnel singing with me and didn't think it was weird. and he actually had a good voice! i wish i could have got to know him better. but now he is on a mission in Yekaterinburg, Russia and I love reading his e-mails every week. He loves the Gospel, Christ, and the Russian people. I am excited to continue our friendship when he gets home! HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ELDER]!!
i don't have any pictures of me and tanner, but here is one of him in Russia. check out those sweet hats! [tanner is on the left]

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  1. Beka, you are too sweet! So glad you could come celebrate with us and have sushi.