07 February 2011

peter pan

i do realize that i have expressed my love for a certain boy in green (aka peter pan) already on this blog. did i tell you that last time i was in disneyland, peter pan totally waved at me? yup, we're getting married. in three weeks.
i need your advice. there is a peter pan dance here at the Y this weekend and i don't know which girl to be. here are my choices:

wendy- wendy is sensible and caring. but let's be honest, she's a bit of a stick in the mud for a little while. however, the Lost Boys come to love her because she is like a mother to them. she is also courageous and fights for what she loves. her choice of clothing- the nightgown- isn't terribly flattering on most figures, so i'm not sure i could pull it off.

tinkerbell- fiesty, girly, and spunky, tinkerbell is quite a handful. although she loses her way for a but, ultimately her love for peter pan shines through. and, who doesn't love wings and a wand? (a plus for me is that she has blond hair...)

tiger lily- tiger lily is adventurous, stubborn, and a great friend. she also loves to dance. she is loyal to her family and to peter pan. i'm pretty sure peter pan is secretly in love with her. (personally my favorite, but where would i get a costume?)

please take part in the poll on the left soon so that i can get a costume and find my peter pan!

off to neverland!

1 comment:

  1. They would all be cute, but I think it would be most fun to dress up as tiger lily! I'm sure you'll be cute no matter what! :)