12 March 2011

game 2- win

blood pressure was high, tension in the air as i turned on my brother's television tonight. to watch the BYU v. UNM game. we hadn't beat them for the last 4 games that we'd played against them. this was the epoch of all games. to beat them would not only mean advancing to the championship game of the MWC Tournament, but it would also be a personal revenge victory against the Lobos. throughout the game it was uncertain who would win. but, with team work and Jimmer's 52 points, we beat those guys! i jumped up and down yelling. rise and shout, the cougars are out and on our way to fame and glory. can't wait to watch the boys take on san diego state tomorrow at 5 pm.

BYU 87   UNM 76

until then, watch this awesome video. a tribute to one of my favs- Jimmer.

ps. Jimmer, if I see you on campus, don't be surprised if i hug you. we all think you are a god.

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