14 March 2011

weekend update: crazy cravings and fighting cancer

remember how i decided to go off sugar for the month of March? yeahhh.  i was doing so great at it and then Friday night i got these cravings for something sweet. i decided that i could eat treats on weekends and on dates [because that is rude to turn down stuff like that on a date ya know].  so i went to Brick Oven with friends on Friday and got a delicious cookie monster. I didn't feel guilty either. BAD. after splurging a little this weekend on treats (ok not like a ton) I've taken back my decision to have treats on the weekend. I can have treats on dates and I will not be going to the end of March because we are celebrating Adam and Sarah's birthday's on the 27th. deal?
this is about what the cookie monster looked like

on another note, i did do something really cool and health related this weekend! every year BYU Cancer Research Society holds the Rex Lee Run. All the proceeds go to research to find a cure for cancer. I got extra credit in physiology for doing the run, but I was planning on doing it anyway. Over the past few years it has become more and more clear to me how prevalent cancer is in our society and how it affects young and old. I was proud to run in honor of those who I know have fought cancer. It was also exciting because I PR'ed! I was hoping to do so and I was thrilled when I crossed the finish line!
i didn't take pictures at the race but my friend Emma did so
 i'll get them on here soon. this is the t shirt and bib!

every weekend i think i'm going to have tons of time to sit around, take a nap, and watch Gilmore Girls. and every weekend, i am dead wrong. but, it's ok. this weekend had a mixture of good and bad. [the bad was mostly the BYU vs. SDSU tournament game. i don't wanna talk about it.] good things included:

an epic winning game against UNM
lunch with one of my most favorite cousins
hanging out with Andrew, Nate, and Tessa Friday night
seeing Letters to Juliet (i actually truly loved this chick flick)
Rex Lee Run
Costa Viiiiida (i may or may not be addicted)
Spoon it Up
seeing Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs for the bajillionth time
laughing with Sam
baguette with nutella and laughing cow cheese
making new friends
cooking a home made meal
talking with Shalise
this is from Shalise's birthday breakfast, but i just want to say how
awesome she is and it is amazing how alike we think!
 i'm going to miss her while she is gone!

Monday's are such blah days especially when your roommate doesn't have school and gets to do fun things all day. how lame is that? oh well, i'll get over it.

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