15 March 2011

i love that i got an e-mail from my bishop today reminding me to fill out my march madness bracket 

i love that everywhere i go on campus i have to avoid the llama petting people (aka choose to give)

i love when i realize that every girl in my graduating class who knows me has always been on my side

i love when me and my brother eat half a box of cheese its

i love when i answer a question correctly in genetics because a) i'm usually to scared to talk in that class and b) i got the answer right!

i love when HELP loses the $470 dollars i took in last week (oh wait, i don't love that)

i love when people call me at the Bean and think i'm a travel agent and should plan their entire field trip for them (actually, i don't love that either)

i love when i get text coupons for EarthFruits Yogurt

i love this thought: do you ever wonder if all those other animals (lions, tigers, and bears) secretly laugh at us because we shave, cut, pluck off as much hair from our bodies leaving us looking a little weird. i mean, can you imagine a bear with no hair? it's like a naked mole rat, but worse!

i love when people come in the gift shop and tear it apart (love-hate relationship here because it gives me something to do but i am astounded by the laziness of people)

i love the taste of my fruit punch crystal light (zero sugar, huge taste)

i love that i don't have night classes tonight (because i have class until 9 on Wed. and Thurs.)

i love that i am more than halfway through my 5 hour shift

i love that Wofford's senior guard is named Jamar. Jamar's gonna get Jimmered.

and i LOVE getting comments telling me what you love :)

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  1. i love zebra print backgrounds and staying up late because my creative juices are flowing. I love seeing that i have comments on my blog. I love when I get a new follower... Hey this is pretty neat. Next blog post? I think yes! Do you mind if I steal your idea?