28 March 2011

the green monster

my mom and jessie have been really into the whole green drink thing lately. i lurv spinach (i know it's weird) so i thought i might as well try it. my mom's recipe calls for a banana, 6 cups spinach, dates (those weird fruits from Israel), and water. it smells like a fresh mowed lawn. yum. but it actually isn't too bad. and it gives you tons of energy! (who needs those caffeinated sodas when you can drink spinach?)

so this morning i desired something to get me out of the "monday slump." instead of turning to something sugary (for example, the pan of brownies sitting invitingly on my stove top) i made my very own green drink!

a few baby carrots
a lot of spinach
a few strawberries 
about 2/3 cup of OJ

it's quite delicious. the OJ does add extra sugar but it also masks the bitter spinach-ey taste so you feel like you are drinking food, not a bunch of ground of grass. i like it! future breakfast food? snack food? i think  yes! 

a now i feel good enough to buckle down and study for my physiology test which i will take in 3 hours. woo!

1 comment:

  1. I have such a love-hate relationship with green monsters. They're great- but also not ;)