10 March 2011

my pyramid

eating healthy can seem like such a hassle. it's so easy to go the easy way- the microwave meals, canned soups, and freezer foods. it's so much faster to warm up some easy mac than to take some time to eat a salad or bake a potato. if you are used to eating these home "fast foods" then salads and potatoes don't even sound good. but, being healthy can be easy and fun! there are so many free resources you can use. one of my favorites is mypyramid.gov. the USDA developed the new My Pyramid a few years ago. It's purpose is to teach people about nutrition and food groups. Their website has tons of resources including dietary guidelines, personalized eating plans, how to plan a healthy menu, and weight loss information. so go ahead and check it out! the first step to healthy eating is to be educated about it. so, over the next few weeks i'm going to share some if my favorite healthy, nutritious, and delicious recipes. i hope you enjoy reading about them and maybe make some changes in your eating habits!

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