10 March 2011

spring must haves

spring is definitely in the air! it's supposed to be 60 degrees today! hooray!
spring must haves
spring must haves by rarnesen featuring stella mccartney shoes

a few things i find essential for spring:
skirts- i'm especially into the floral print skirts! when it's finally warm enough to warm skirts without tights, then you know spring is here.
sandals- especially the gladiator sandals. there are so many styles and colors! i can't get enough! i'm also kinda digging the wedge heels
sunglasses- again, colors, shapes and kinds. there are a plethora and you can get them pretty cheap!
skinny belts
beauty products- good smelling lotion, pink perfume, blonde highlights (i'm thinking of getting a blonde stripe in my hair...), colorful nail polish, and pink lipgloss!

happy spring!

1 comment:

  1. love all of the above! ooo goodie goodie gumdrops! Spring is almost here :)