27 April 2011

17.... Again

yesterday was this boy's 17th birthday.
aren't we cute?
Hyrum is pretty much the coolest teenager around.
He is good at everything he does.
and i'm not even joking.
He is really good at all sports.
we ran a 10K last summer and he got 2nd in his age group!

He is really smart. 
He is taking 3 AP tests this year
He got a 5 on the AP music test!
Not only is he smart, but he works really hard at school
He stays up late and gets up early to study or practice piano

It's really easy to have fun with Hyrum
He always has something hilarious to say 
He is the joker of the family
He can always make me laugh and is always willing to be silly with me


i am sure am happy you are my brother

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