26 April 2011

graduation & passover

after moving home late thursday night i was exhausted, but like they say, no rest for the . . . . busy.  Friday morning i woke up bright and early to get ready to go back to Provo to see Adam and Sarah Michelle graduate! we got to the Smith Fieldhouse at 9:30 and then waited. until graduation at 11.
me and the brothers
graduation was good. former academic vice president John Tanner spoke. He is amazing and i really enjoyed his talk. we had to wait forever for Adam and Sarah to walk (because Adam got his Masters). it got really boring- except when we were laughing at the funny sounding names. the best part was when the Phd candidates were presented- because they had funny names and dissertation titles.
after graduation i ran (literally) up to the Bean for work. by the time work was over, i had a raging headache. pretty much because i was starving. so i was super excited when mom and dad picked me up to go to Passover in the Wilk. all i could think about was eating- ASAP. little did i know that the Passover program is forever long. i was dying. finally we got to eat!!!
horseradish (GROSS), haroseth, and matzah
our passover table
Passover was fun, even if it was long and was totally exhausted by the end.  another long day and i was so excited to sleep in on Saturday.

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