25 April 2011

finals week fanatic

Monday: statistics exam. lunch with Heather at Gurus. ok i'd never been to Guru's before but if you live in the Provo area I highly suggest it! it's just on Center Street in Provo, right by Los Hermanos. they try to keep everything pretty healthy with have gluten free and vegan options. i got the lime cilantro quesadilla with a house salad on the side (get the balsamic dressing!). it was delicious! but huge. next time i think i'll get a salad because the half salad (which is what Heather got) is still pretty big and cheaper. i really liked the atmosphere and the food. of course, the company was wonderful! I could talk to Heather for hours! sadly i had to get back to study physiology. that evening i worked at the good old Bean.
after lunch at Gurus
Tuesday: take physiology exam in the AM. that was a lot harder than i thought it would be! commence stressful studying for Genetics. take a break to eat a doughnut with Daniel and Andrew (aka Ron and Harry) in the JFSB courtyard. luncheon at the Bean followed by a 5 hour work shift. dinner at Adam and Sarah's. they tried a new recipe of crock pot teriyaki chicken that smelled delicious but tasted nastay! waaaay too much salt! but dinner was still fun.

Wednesday: studied for about 8 hours straight- Genetics. it was great. took the test at 2:30. it was crazy. all while i was taking the test i just kept thinking how grateful i was for the class and how amazing genetics was! i wasn't stressed and i wasn't worried about my final grade. i just enjoyed the work i was doing! i truly am grateful for the opportunity i had to learn about genetics this semester. i wasn't the smartest person in the class, but i definitely learned TONS. the test took me about 4 hours. phew. after the test i ran home and got cute... because all the freshman roommates were coming over for a little "good-bye" party! we ate food (chips and salsa mostly), played games (i played Blokus for the first time ever!) and talked. these girls are amazing. they are my "other family." i love them!
Thursday: I woke up early (normal) to take my D&C test. then i started packing up my room to go home! Daniel came over after his Russian final and we made smoothies and talked. he is hilarious. i'm so grateful for his friendship! i don't know what i'd do without him! after he left i packed a bit more and got most of my stuff packed up in my room. i went to lunch with Shalise at 12. we were both craving Olive Garden so that's where we went! I took a couple pictures but we looked pretty bad in them (mostly me) so i deleted them.  i worked all afternoon and then went and packed up the rest of my stuff. it was pretty unorganized because i didn't have any boxes so i just stacked everything up. it was also stressful because my roommate's stuff was all over the kitchen counters and table, which was my cleaning job. so i had to wait for her to get home and clean it off. when dad got there i threw all my stuff in the car, strapped spencer's bike on top, and then we went home! it was SO good to be home!!!
Britany, Debi and me
finals week was crazy! but i survived and even had some fun! now it is so great to be home for a little bit before i leave the country.

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  1. Okay, my family LOOOOOOVVVEEEESSS Gurus! When you come home, let's for sure go!