24 April 2011

we are runners

sorry i was MIA for a few days. finals week took it's toll on my brain and just didn't have time to blog about my life. slowly and surely i will tell  you about finals week. hopefully i'll get caught up soon!

on Saturday April 16th (also the first day of finals) I ran my third half marathon! and i was lucky enough to get to run it with my amazing Grandpa. He is 76 and still running! i want to be like that when i'm old too.

the race started off pretty cold. i was a little worried because i'd been sick all week and the cold wasn't going to help. but once i started running everything was just awesome! after about mile 3 you are getting in the groove and by mile 5 you are stellar. i finished at 2:05 which isn't faster than my previous race, but at least it isn't slower! i feel pretty good about the time considering i'd been sick and hadn't trained much during the semester. here are some pictures my dad took after the race!
just after finishing, can you tell? i'm so red!

Me and Grandpa! He finished around 3 hours

Grandpa and me again. 
racing is such an adrenaline rush! i'm super sad i'll be in Africa the entire summer and miss all the awesome races that i could have done. but i already have plans for at least 2 races when i get back and more to come in 2012!

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