19 April 2011

'ello there, i'd like ya to meet my friends- Ron and Harry

i have these two awesome friends. Andrew (seen in this post). and daniel (seen here). we've been stats buddies for the last four months.

today as we sat in the courtyard of the jfsb, eating sweets and joking around, it suddenly came to me. our friendship is exactly like that of Harry, Ron and Hermione!
we don't always look scared. however we do work together to
defeat scary, threatening monsters... like chi squares and t tests.
i, of course, am Hermione. i'm the smart one (ha). i fit in with the boys, but i can also be deceptively beautiful. i am brave and stick by my friends no matter what. i am (sometimes) sassy and can have a bit of a temper. i like to stick to the rules, but i enjoy a good joke on someone every once in a while.

andrew is Harry. this is appropriate because andrew has brown hair and glasses (no scar though... perhaps we'll have to hit him over the head with something ha ha.) he is very determined. works very hard. but he is a loyal friend as well and does not like to see his friends get hurt.

daniel is Ron. (he was offended at first when i informed him of this, but he will eventually like the role.) why? ron is the clown. he is the comic relief. he is also better looking than harry :) he can be a little airheaded, but his heart is always in the right place. he'll stick by harry and hermione no matter what.

my friends are awesome wouldn't you think? we probably aren't exact fits to harry, hermione and ron, but hey who cares? i'm gonna stick with these boys- even if we have to fight off Voldimort!

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