05 April 2011

"For God has not given us the Spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind" 
2 Timothy 1:7

i know i don't talk about my dating life on this blog. but this principle of fear vs faith comes to play in weird situations. in recent experience i have learned that after coming out of a "bad" dating relationship (one where there was no trust), it is very difficult to trust again. i have struggled this semester as I have made friends, in letting myself trust them. i have been afraid to put myself into a situation where i could get hurt. in these last couple of weeks i have had to come face to face with my fears. its been tough and challenging. it is so hard to let go of your fear. however, i am realizing that fear can cripple you. if you do not show fear that your love and faith is stronger than it is, then fear will crush your love and faith! my sister-in-law texted me this amazing scripture. God does not give us fear. He fights fear with power (the power of truth, priesthood and Gospel), love (His love and our love), and of a sound mind (the simplicity and beauty of Gospel truths). Like President Roosevelt said to America during the scary times of World War Two, the only thing I have to fear "is fear itself."  I also found this wonderful talk by President Hinckley. I am so grateful for prophets and their inspired words! i feel much less afraid now.

What are some fears (real ones) that you have had? And how have you conquered them???

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