05 April 2011

a belated birthday post

what with the weekend being full of General Conference i didn't have time to post about a birthday! the newest addition to our family, in fact. my wonderful sister-in-law, Sarah, had her birthday on Sunday. I never knew I would love having a new sister has much as I do. How lucky am I that I will eventually have 4 more "sisters"!

At my 21st birthday party

sarah is cool because....

- she is always looking for ways to serve those around her. i have been a recipient of this service many times and i appreciate it so much.

- she wants to be a wife and mother, and that is her first priority. a trait that i look up to.

- she is an amazing cook! i love going up to Adam and Sarah's place for dinner (and I am so grateful they invite me)
check out this amazing pie she made on PI day. it was delicious!
- she is always happy and looking for the positive. i've never heard her complain.

- i can talk to her about anything! she gets excited when i'm excited and she gives me advice when i need it. (she gives good advice too.)

- we are the same age for about 2.5 months every year!

Sarah is really an amazing person. We went over to their place Sunday night, ate apple crisp, and hung with the family. I am so grateful for her addition to our family!!! Happy (late) Birthday Sarah!!!!
I really just love this picture of Adam and Sarah. Aren't they the cutest???

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