04 April 2011

monday's musings

"musings" is such a nice word. it makes me think of the Muses (from Greek mythology). sometimes i wish i were a muse. preferably the muse of genetics.

pretty much every single male on BYU campus (except- hopefully- the freshmen) have a reaction to President Monson's and Elder Scott's talks this past weekend. i am slightly amused. and slightly worried. (ps.  general conference weekend post will soon follow.)

i like 3 hours shifts at work. 

i also enjoy this picture because....
...today was the monday of all mondays. i looked at some test scores. not the best start to my day. my friends cheered me up a bit. and a letter from my amazing brother/best-friend did wonders for me. but when i went to talk my my professor concerning one said test i walked out in tears. frustrated at myself mostly. this in my favorite professor and he is so nice. i just wish i were smarter :(

ok no more sadness.

i leave for Uganda in exactly one month!!!!! i've got a list 3.2 feet long of all the things i've gotta do before i go. surviving finals is #1 obvs.

i sent off three missionary letters today. look at me go. 

i'm a little jealous of all my girlfriends going through the temple because they are going on missions. "a little" may be an understatement. i'm a lot jealous. i just need patience.

i went running today and it was awesomespice. remember how i have a 1/2 marathon in two weeks? yeah, i'm starting to train- now. heh. heh.

i love sitting in the gift shop listening to the comments people make about jimmer. especially when they are funny. basically i just love jimmer- still.

it is very possible that David Archuleta saved my life today. i know he's like the mormon j. biebs, but i love the boy.

7 days of classes left!!!!

i brought robin's eggs to work today and ate them. i just LOVE easter candy. jelly beans. chocolate bunnies. reeses eggs. yummy yum.

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