09 April 2011

i really couldn't think how to title this. because there isn't something short enough. i got a letter yesterday from my good friend, McKay Scoffield. McKay is serving an LDS mission in Belo Horizonte, Brazil right now and it takes a while for letters to go back and forth. his letter was such a treat and made my day! McKay has grown so much through serving his mission. I am so proud of him for what he is doing! He is a hard worker and has a great love for Christ and the Brazilian people. McKay and me have a great friendship:

we started off just being a little crazy. trying to find our place in this crazy place called college.
sometimes you just have to look a little stupid.

we may (or may not) have gotten in powdered sugar wars
that was fun.

McKay is a rebel-without a cause. Most people don't get to know him well enough to know who he really is.
But he really is an awesome guy. He is a loyal friend. He has big plans for life. He has his head on straight. He is a hard worker. He loves the Gospel. I am proud to call him my friend!

(he gets home in July and will be back at BYU this fall. can't wait!)

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