13 April 2011

thank goodness

after being such a negative nancy yesterday i've decided to make today's post positive. (and then maybe people will comment! ps. andrea thanks for the comment :) you are great.) after all, even if my life is full of discouragement, who says i can't look on the sunny side? the Lord does send his tender mercies every day and there is always something to be thankful for!


- my mom bought me two cute skirts this weekend! one black and one coral. for the record- coral is totally in this spring! i'm wearing the coral one today and feel cute, despite my "ballet" bun on top of my head.

- it actually seemed like spring today! i soaked up the sun on my poor, pale legs.

- my mom brought my exactly what i was craving yesterday. in fact the only things i felt like eating. saltine crackers (she even got low fat). v8 splash (which by the way i have not opened because they "beka-proofed" it. lame). peanut butter. i spread the PB on the crackers and topped them with craisins. yum.

- it was the last day of classes today!!! one year left of college (um that freaks me out).

- my brother was willing to drive me to the store twice in three days. obviously he is the best. i'm going to die next year when they are thousands of miles away in Austin and i'm left to my lonesome self in Provo.

- having my HELP trip completely paid off! I ended up having to fork out about $2300 of my own money (scary, because if I don't get a scholarship for next year, then it's no school for me), but worth it!

- i leave this forsaken valley in 21 days! ok i don't really hate Utah Valley that much, but my hate for cold weather outweighs everything else. it's supposed to snow- again. i'm also excited to leave behind school. oh yes, and boys.

- i get off work in approximately 18 minutes. this 4 hour shift has seemed like an eternity.

- Panda Express is donating 20% of their proceeds today to charity. too bad i need to save money and therefore will not be partaking of said Panda Express.

- I can choose faith over doubt. i choose faith 100% of the time- at least I try.

Ok that's all the good-ness I can think of. If I write anything else it will start to get sarcastic, bitter, sad. So, happy Wednesday! It's hump day and in a week and a half I'll be home free!

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  1. hehe you are welcome for the comment!! Although I'm totally with you, it's like the verification is to hard for people, and they therefore don't leave comments! It's just not as cool or acceptable to comment on blogs as it is to comment on Facebook, I guess. But whatev, people.
    MY LEGS NEED THE SUN. I swear, they blind me every time they catch a glimpse of the sunshine!
    I'm really so excited for you to go to Africa :D I am thinking I will go to India with HELP...haha in awhile, but I can dream, right?