12 April 2011

i loathe spring break

i'd rather be here

i want to take a sick day
or maybe two.
i want to snuggle up with my man, 
watch movies, 
sip on a pomegranate paradise jamba juice.

but, since...
i don't have a "man"
my roommate probably will hog the tv again tonight
i have no way of obtaining said jamba

i'll stick with plan B.

go home right after work. 
eat saltine crackers while sipping v8. 
watch a movie on my laptop. 

then tomorrow- up and at 'em! it's the last day of classes. finals start on saturday. and i've got half marathon saturday morning. eeek. 

please bless i don't get strep.

1 comment:

  1. and doesn't it make the pain 100 TIMES WORSE that our families are on spring break? Yeah. I know. I am feeling your pain!!!! men...are over-rated...as simple as that haha ;) i'm still so excited for you to go to Africa!!! :D