12 April 2011

a discovery

remember this post? i've been feeling like something is missing in my life. i want so badly to align my life with God's will for me, but I've been very unsure of how to do so. as a result, i've continued to do the things i have made habits. i've read my patriarchal blessing more than ever before. really trying to see and feel what they Lord would have me do to fulfill my "mission" here on earth. prayer has become an even more integral part of my daily activities. i have a goal to go to the temple every week until i leave for Africa.
i haven't had any strokes of inspiration concerning where i am supposed to go, or what i am supposed to do with life. but yesterday, in d&c something came to mind. we were studying "the new and everlasting covenant of marriage." suddenly i realized- i want to get to the celestial kingdom! not to toot my own horn, but i am basically doing everything in order to attain that privilege. i'm not perfect by any means, but i am keeping the covenants i've made to the best of my ability. the only step that i can take to help me progress further is marriage! um yeah crazy right? i have never been one to think that i need to get married right away- i'm still not. but i do realize that i need eternal marriage to progress to godhood. wow.
i'm so grateful for the holy ghost and his promptings! i hope i can follow his promptings to lead me where i am supposed to go and to meet the people i need to meet.

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