28 September 2011

4 years

year 1: the year of party. an insignificant freshman, ready to make her mark on the college world steps onto byu campus. the year was filled with dancing, escapades, love, and heart break. but it was the best. i was excited. full of life. a little crazy. but still pretty molly mormon.

year 2: the year of waiting. waiting for missionaries to come home. waiting to not be worried about money. waiting for confidence to increase. but it's a good year too. i learn how to make real girl friends (since all the guys are gone). i become a better runner and find out i have asthma. people start getting married (eek!)
my 20th birthday

year 3: the year of learning. my first boyfriend. my first kiss. my first break up. i get my first straight cut bangs. the first year i actually focused on learning and not grades. i learned to turn to christ in all things. i learned never to trust a boy. i ran and lifted weights. i learned that its ok to be angry every once in a while. i learned how to healthier and focus on making myself better.

first day of school 2010
year 4: the year of ????? who knows. i don't want this to be like any other year. i want it to be better. is that possible? well we will see! your life is what you make of it so i submit that i can make this the best year yet! come, and follow me on this journey of continued self discovery and finding joy in every day.

just looking cute for a date

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