28 September 2011

a day in the life of a college senior

7:00 alarm goes off. wake up. realize you still feel sick and decide to sleep in a little longer.

7:20ish wake up, unaware of the time, rush into the bathroom hoping it's earlier rather than later. shower.

7:35 realize you have more time that you thought. get ready for the day [in the dark because roommate is sleeping]. read blogs whilst eat granola and yogurt for a little breakfast. swallow about 3 pills hoping that your multivitamin has magical healing powers.

8:20 open laptop. proceed in writing music 201 paper on Sandro Botticelli. love renaissance art. [sarcasm] decide to watch Glee while writing. that proves to be productive and inspirational [ps what did quinn do to her hair??]

9:30 submit paper draft. woot. pack up bag. final attempt at looking cute while sniffling. jam to tunes. walk to campus.

10:00 exercise physiology. determine it is impossible to concentrate while your nose is winning the marathon it is running.

10:53 head up to the jkb. walking slow because you don't even care if you are late. discover that walking up stairs does wonders in clearing the sinuses.

11:01 music 201. find a seat on the floor. not too bad. start this blog post while learning about gothic architecture. get out of class 15 minutes early. booyah!

11:35 find out that brother's best friend got called on a mission to kenya. extreme jealousy. eat an delicious apple bought from a vending machine. they don't only have junk food.

12:00 masterpieces of english literature. get called on to comment on john sullivan's "description of a city shower." eeek. saying something that sounds pretty stupid and wondering why you decided this would be a fun class.

12:52 head over to the wilk for the career fair. run into the beautiful sarah blackhurst.  yes! i have an accomplice in my storming of said career fair! 

1:35 after successfully talking to 3 potential employers, i leave the career fair scared to death of graduation. think i'll stay in college. thanks. buy dayquil and airborne to cure these sniffles.

2:00 yoga. this actually does great things for my cold. i feel bad though for the period snif that probably disturbs everyone's deep breathing and concentration. sorry yogis.

3:05 get home and promptly collapse. cold + studying = not happening.

4:30 wake up and reset my alarm for 4:40. 10 minutes just might do the trick.

4:40 meh. guess i better get dressed and get my butt up to technical writing.

4:51 leave the bda. tune-age commences. run into neal as i get to the jkb. planning of waffle wednesday (re-vamped).

5:10  get to class. teacher is mia. so our group does peer review before he gets there. might as well get it outta the way.

5:17 teacher arrives. we learn about plagiarism. quite a thrilling subject. i amuse myself with "instructables." did you know you can make "worms" from jello? halloween idea. i think yes!

5:55 class is over. i peace out.

6:10 find a ride to the store to buy flour for waffle wednesday. and wait for him to come. [i got really good at waiting while in africa so nbd.]

7:26 daniel finally gets here. run to smith's. get sassy because i see the latest boy who was a tool bag to me. acquire orange juice, tissue, and flour.

7:54 visiting teaching. fail. neither of my visiting teachees are home. guess i'll try back tomorrow- with treats. my own visiting teachers come. i decide i like them.

8:19 head over to the colony for waffle wednesday with neal. and some other people. i don't know them so they aren't important. attempts at getting to know them. the only two who are semi-social back at me are alexis and dan. they are cool. i decide we can be friends. awkward nerd dance. then head home.

10:42 in pjs. about to hit the pillow- but not before reading the BOM.

and that my friends, is a day in the busy life of beka (and i didn't even get any studying or running in. fail.)

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  1. Woah! Did you go to waffle wednesday at the colony in apt 420? Haha, if so, that's great. If not, you should've ;) That's where Chelle's bf lives and we went to waffle wednesday a few times when we lived there.
    Busy day! And I hope you get better soon!