29 September 2011

sister missionaries

they are all leaving me.

but this is not a sobby, sad post about how i don't have any friends blah blah blah. because that simply would be a lie. however, i am starting to feel left in the dust. but that's not what this post is about. [please notice how i have to keep reminding myself of that.] if i'm going to take a study break from my exercise physiology, then it have better be something good. . .  which is why i have been on facebook.

three amazing girls who are among my best friends are on missions, or are leaving on missions very soon.
Bre- Bangkok Thailand Mission
on my 20th birthday

we met in political science 150 freshman year (3 years ago) and we have been great friends ever since! i sat by Bre on the second or third day of class, but i was so scared to say hi because she was soooo beautiful that i thought we could never be friends! uh well, not only is she beautiful on the outside, but on the inside. cool. what has followed in trips to chilis for chocolate molten lava cake, sleepovers, discovery of sunflower market, and continued friendship despite our world travels [bre: washington d.c., guatemala and now thailand. me: africa. obviously i need to do more traveling.] bre got "the dengue" during like her first week in thailand, but don't worry she is not in any danger! she is out of the hospital and doing great! i know she will love thailand and help so many people there!

Shalise- Bangkok Thailand Mission
at the salt lake temple

when i found out Shalise was going to the exact same mission as bre i was insanely jealous. my two best girl friends going to the same place? and i would be in provo? lame. ha ha but i was also super excited for her. i knew shalise and me would be best friends when we discovered that we had a mutual friend- Neal- whom she had gone to high school with and who i was somehow in love with. she always give the best guy advice [so if my love life goes up in flames for the next 18 months that's why]. we both love the pendulum court, the MOA cafe, magleby's french toast, olive garden, pizza factory. so we like food? there's nothing wrong with that? shalise is my number one fan. i'm pretty sure she is also my number one inspiration. she taught me how to value my family more and also how to study better. she got into the MAcc program here at byu right before her mission and i know she will be an amazing accountant! she is the best missionary ever! i miss her like crazy. provo just isn't the same without her here. but i know what she is doing in thailand is better than anything else.

Sarah- Cleveland Ohio Mission
say what?! yeah we are legit. and yes my mom made those dresses

well she is my sister so obviously she is stinkin cool! i'm not going to lie, when she e-mailed me and told me that she was going on a mission, i was astounded and . . .  sad. i mean i was super excited at first. she will be an AMAZING missionary! she loves the gospel and is really good at sharing her testimony with everyone she meets. but then i started thinking about how for thanksgiving and christmas she would be there and neither will spencer. and adam and sarah will be there but its not the same cuz they are married. and i love the little boys but they are just a lot younger than me. there will be 4 of us kids sleeping in the basement on christmas eve. who am i going to fight with about who gets to be Mary in the family nativity? who is going to organize the pie making party? who am i going to buy princess stuff for and then get mad because no one ever calls me a princess? who is going to tell me that skinny jeans are not attractive? [hold the phone. this is supposed to be a happy post. get a grib girl before you start crying.] ok but sarah leaves November 9th. i definitely plan on stalking her while she spends 3 weeks at the MTC. shh don't tell anyone. she will be proselyting in the Cleveland area as well as serving in the Kirtland visitors center. Sarah loves, LOVES church history so this is perfect for her! also she might be able to take her cello which would be so great because [in case you didn't know] she is like the best cellist i know.

there are so many other girls who are on missions or leaving soon who i LOVE. sorry i can't mention all of you in this post. it would be like the longest post in the history of blogging. but you know who you are and i do love you!

disclaimer: just because all my friends are going on missions and i am single and 21, does not mean i am going on a mission. if i went right now it would be for the wrong reasons and i don't want to go for any reason but the right reason. so please, STOP ASKING ME ABOUT IT. chill out.

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  1. Seriously, it's killing me right now. It was super hard when the boy left, but all these girls leaving at once? Ouch. Now I realize that the 5 year reunion happens at the exact time that all boys and girls will finally be in the same place. Any sooner and half the people would still be gone!! Oh growing up...

    P.S. Way to stand up for yourself :)