14 September 2011


well, not today.
as you may [or may not] know, i have been taking these malaria pill (mefloquine hydrochloride for the scientifically minded) for the past 4 months. i only have to take them once a week, and unlike doxycycline, they don't cause sensitivity to sunlight. but, listed on the side of the box, as one of the side effects, it says "may cause anxiety or symptoms of depression."
it does.

after a few weeks in Uganda i got my emotions and anxiety under control and i was golden. no freaking out and stuff. so i wasn't too worried about coming home and finishing up the prescription. but i guess the change in environment messed me up and every time i have had to take my malaria pill i have had horrible anxiety.
(side note: i think i might have anxiety anyways. i need to get that checked out. . . so the added anxiety from the meds was no bueno.)
i would freak out about everything. not joking. money. job. boys. school. blah. blah. blah.
BUT today was the first day i've taken my malaria pill and not felt like the world was falling apart. i have had a few small freak outs. but not major. i hope it stays this way! i don't like anxiety!

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